These handpicked articles span the last 4 years of EJDR's published articles and discuss international relations and development between China and Africa as well as emerging national economies in the BRICS group. We hope you enjoy them!

China–Africa Trade Relations: Insights from AERC Scoping Studies
Oyejide Titiloye Ademola, Abiodun S Bankole and Adeolu O Adewuyi

Chinese FDI in Sub-Saharan Africa: Engaging with Large Dragons
Raphael Kaplinsky and Mike Morris

Beyond the BRICs: Alternative Strategies of Influence in the Global Politics of Development
Matthias vom Hau, James Scott and David Hulme

China's Private Enterprises in Africa and the Implications for African Development
Jing Gu

Chinese Migrants in Africa as New Agents of Development? An Analytical Framework
Giles Mohan and May Tan-Mullins

Another BRIC in the Wall? South Africa's Developmental Impact and Contradictory Rise in Africa and Beyond
Pádraig Carmody

China in Africa: A Relationship in Transition
Olusanya Ajakaiye and Raphael Kaplinsky

South Africa, Multilateralism and the Global Politics of Development
Eduard Jordaan