For the 2023 ECPR General Conference the EPS Co-Editors have created a collection of the journal’s most notable articles and reviews in recent years, all of which can be accessed through the freely shareable links below.

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The radical right and the end of Swedish exceptionalism
Jens Rydgren & Sara van der Meiden

Perceived economic self-sufficiency: a country- and generation-comparative approach
Jale Tosun, José L. Arco-Tirado, Maurizio Caserta, Zeynep Cemalcilar, Markus Freitag, Felix Hörisch, Carsten Jensen, Bernhard Kittel, Levente Littvay, Martin Lukeš, William A. Maloney, Monika Mühlböck, Emily Rainsford, Carolin Rapp, Bettina Schuck, Jennifer Shore, Nadia Steiber, Nebi Sümer, Panos Tsakloglou, Mihaela Vancea & Federico Vegetti

Online teaching, student success, and retention in political science courses
Kerstin Hamann, Rebecca A. Glazier, Bruce M. Wilson & Philip H. Pollock

The Austrian Corona Panel Project: monitoring individual and societal dynamics amidst the COVID-19 crisis
Bernhard Kittel, Sylvia Kritzinger, Hajo Boomgaarden, Barbara Prainsack, Jakob-Moritz Eberl, Fabian Kalleitner, Noëlle S. Lebernegg, Julia Partheymüller, Carolina Plescia, David W. Schiestl & Lukas Schlogl

Non-universal suffrage: measuring electoral inclusion in contemporary democracies
Samuel D. Schmid, Lorenzo Piccoli & Jean-Thomas Arrighi

Do or die? The UK, the EU, and internal/external security cooperation after Brexit
Simon Sweeney & Neil Winn

Comparing measures of democracy: statistical properties, convergence, and interchangeability
Andrea Vaccaro

Academic placement records and gendered placements in the political science profession
Joris Frese

An unconventional but prudent proposal for China’s democratisation
Yu-Wen Chen

Thinking about social movements and obstacles to protesting globally: lessons from Palestine
Paola Rivetti