Presentation of the paper

Papers should be submitted via the online submission system at the link below. Authors should retain one copy of their article on file.

Please note that Feminist Review does not accept unsolicited book reviews. If you are interested in reviewing a book, please contact the journal office (

Submission of a paper to the journal will be taken to imply that it presents original, unpublished work not under consideration for publication elsewhere.

The Journal office can be contacted at:
Feminist Review
c/o Women's Studies
London North Campus
London Metropolitan University
166-220 Holloway Road
London N7 8DB, UK.

Submissions should be in English, typed in double spacing (including all notes and references) on one side of the paper, preferably of A4 size (English or US). Articles should normally be 6,000-8,000 words in length while Open Space should be up to 3,000 words. Print a word count at the end of the text, together with the date of the manuscript. Provide an abstract of 200-300 words for articles (but not Open Space pieces), plus a list of up to six keywords suitable for indexing and abstracting services. A brief biographical note about each author should be supplied on a separate sheet as directed on the submission page. Give authors' full postal and e-mail addresses as well as telephone numbers.

Notes on style


Please check all your subheadings for consistency. It is not advisable to use more than three levels of subheadings as this leads to difficulties in setting and can also confuse the reader.


Use single quotations for quoted material within the text; double quotation marks should only be used for quotes within quotes. Do not use leader dots at the beginning or end of a quotation unless the sense absolutely demands it. For ellipsis within a quotation use three leader dots for a mid-sentence break, four if the break is followed by a new sentence. Quotations of more than forty words should begin on a fresh line and be distinguished by indentations. Quotation marks are not necessary for quotations set out this way. Do not change the spelling or punctuation in a quotation unless there is an obvious error, e.g. quotations from American books should retain American spelling.


Use Oxford spelling generally,with -ise/-yse rather -ize spelling (organise, realise, analyse).