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The following papers were presented as part of Feminist Review’s conference celebrating 30 years of the journal. The ‘Feminist Theory & Activism in Global Perspective’ conference was held SOAS, The University of London, on September 26th 2009.

In this special online-only issue, interventions into key issues of concern on the feminist agenda across Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe meet theoretical reflections on the usefulness and limits of concepts such as transnationalism, local/global dynamics and intersectionality.

All citations to papers appearing in Feminist Theory & Activism in Global Perspective: Feminist Review Conference Proceedings should be cited as follows:

Smith, A. (2011) ‘An online article’ Feminist Theory & Activism in Global Perspective: Feminist Review Conference Proceedings, e1-e15

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Local/global interrogations panel

what does it mean to do feminist research in African contexts?
Amina Mama

feminist research and activism on violence against women: linking the local and the global
Vesna Nikolić-Ristanović

Brazilian feminisms: central and peripheral issues
Sônia Weidner Maluf

Trans/national intersections panel

solidarity and intersectionality: what can transnational feminist theory learn from regional feminist activism
Suzana Milevska

domestic violence research: expanding understandings but limited perspective
Nishi Mitra

transcultural itineraries in women's literature of migration in Italy
Lidia Curti

agency and solidarity in the age of globalization
Gülsüm Baydar

Theoretical trans/formations

national legislation and transnational feminism
Ann Genovese

caribbean feminism, activist pedagogies and transnational dialogues
Gabrielle Jamela Hosein

what's the ‘trans’ and where's the ‘national’ in transnational feminist practice? – a response
Tina Campt