Review Copies

Are you an editor or a journalist who would like to review one of our books? We are pleased to offer review copies to book reviewers and journalists. We prefer to send electronic review copies and offer these as standard. 

As a pioneer in digital publishing, Springer Nature increasingly distributes its content in electronic formats. Regularly assessing how our resources are produced and used is an important part of our commitment to reduce Springer Nature‚Äôs impact on the environment. Providing an eBook as a review copy is one of the ways we are reducing our reliance on print, and therefore the supply chain for paper. You can find out more about these commitments in our annual Responsible Business Report.

If you would like to order a review copy or have detailed questions, please contact the book review team.

By the way: We have changed our previous service for digital review copies and due to technical reasons we can no longer offer our online reading service. Any e-review copies already activated will continue until the full 6-month access period expires.