Return of the Hustle

© SpringerThe Art of Marketing With Music
By Eric Sheinkop
20th April
£24.99 | $39.99 | Hardcover | 978-1-137-58200-3

Music is the world’s number one passion – transcending language, gender, age, and geographic borders and reaching us on a deep emotional level. Whether we realize it or not, the music of that ad, film, show or game plays a big role in influencing emotional response during that experience – making it one of the most powerful marketing tools the brand, TV, film, and video game industries have ever known.

In Return of the Hustle, leading music and marketing industry insider Eric Sheinkop shows how to use music to increase value to the consumer, demonstrating how the marketing power of music is helping drive better business results: selling more products, attracting more viewers, and creating consumer advocates.

In 2008 Sheinkop co-founded Music Dealers, a company that connects music from independent and emerging artists around the world with major brands such as Coca-Cola, Airbnb, Visa, and McDonald’s who want to use the right music to reach consumers on a deeper level. Sheinkop has found that by providing audiences with a genuine music experience, whether with an exclusive song through an artist partnership or by featuring new music from an emerging band, companies can build a bond that extends far beyond product experience.

By breaking down the elements from more than 20 case studies developed from exclusive interviews with the industry’s leading music supervisors, advertising creatives, and artists, and drawing on hundreds of Music Dealers’ own experiences working with industry experts, Sheinkop has identified within this book a formula that can be used time and again to get incredible results.

Return of The Hustle is an invaluable handbook on best music practices in marketing and storytelling. It offers a blueprint for music strategy that professionals at any level in any industry can use to attract consumers, immerse them into the content, and extend relationships between them and the brand long after the commercial ends or the credits roll.

‘When brands integrate music deeply into their marketing strategies, whether it’s with advertisements or with live activations, they are connecting with their consumers in a very meaningful and intimate way. In Return of the Hustle, Eric shows to all of us who leverage music as part of the content we create (creative directors, brand managers, music supervisors…) exactly how to do it effectively and efficiently across all marketing touch points.’

—Emmanuel Seuge, Senior Vice President of Content, The Coca-Cola Company

‘I am fascinated by the universal emotion music creates on people worldwide. And advertising is all about emotions. Now there's a step by step process to guide the ability to create the most meaningful emotional connections through the use of music in advertising.’

—Yannick Bolloré, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman, Havas


About the Author

After spending years supporting Fortune 100 companies in finding the perfect music for advertising campaigns, at age 25, Eric Sheinkop co-created Music Dealers – a global music technology solution that bridges the gap between bands and brands, enabling brands to create meaningful and authentic touch points with their target audiences and opening up a new route for emerging artists to gain the exposure, funding and distribution necessary to take their careers to the next level.

Sheinkop's impact on the industry was recognized when he was included on Billboard magazine's ‘30 Under 30’ rising young executives who are driving the music industry forward, followed by being named ‘Music Man of the 21st Century' and included in 'Crain's Tech 50' list alongside Chicago's tech leaders by Crain's Business in 2012.

He is the co-author of Hit Brands: How Music Builds Value for the World's Smartest Brands (Palgrave Macmillan).

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