Stars with Stripes

© SpringerThe Essential Partnership between the European Union and the United States
By Anthony Luzzatto Gardner
14th April 2020
Hardcover | 978-3-030-34820-5
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“Stars and Stripes is eloquent evidence that President Barack Obama was right to make Tony Gardner America's representative to the Europe Union.”
—Antony Blinken, Deputy Secretary of State, 2015-2017

“There are few Americans—indeed, there are few Europeans—who understand the EU as well as Tony Gardner."
—Peter Spiegel, US Managing Editor, Financial Times
“Tony Gardner tells his story like a gentleman, with knowledge of and respect for the facts, with a. deep understanding of the EU and the USA.”
—Herman van Rompuy, Former President of the European Council 2009-2014 and Former Prime Minister of Belgium 2008-2009


For 60 years, the US and the EU collaborated critically to make the world a less turbulent place. That is, until the 2016 election of Donald J. Trump. 

Written by President Barack Obama’s Ambassador to the European Union, Stars with Stripes offers a behind-the-scenes look at the US-EU diplomatic relationship in the fruitful years before Trump’s election. It takes an analytic yet accessible look at how the US and the EU have worked together effectively on numerous challenges of regional and even global concern. 

In blending humor, personal experience, references to popular culture, and incisive analyses of the major issues and players in the diplomatic relationship between the US and the EU, former Ambassador Anthony Luzzatto Gardner tells an illuminating story of this essential partnership, and provides an exclu-sive insider look at US-EU diplomacy as well as the Brussels political scene.

Gardner draws on his own experiences to show how the United States and the European Union work together, how their foreign policy tools are complementary, and why regional and global stability de-pends on their continued joint leadership. Although there certainly are areas of friction, he shows how their interests are aligned on most issues, taking a close look at their collaboration on trade, data priva-cy, the digital economy, sanctions, energy security, law enforcement, military and security issues, cli-mate change and the environment, and foreign aid and humanitarian assistance.

“In this era of Brexit and President Trump’s incendiary rhetoric regarding Europe, it has never been more important to understand and defend the EU as a significant and valuable American ally. I only hope that the story of the essential partnership between the US and the EU might one day help to repair the damage to the relationship that was bound to occur in recent years,” Gardner said.

Stars with Stripes provides careful analysis of US-EU diplomatic collaboration across global politics and makes a compelling case for the critical importance of continued US-EU collaboration in a turbulent world. 


Anthony Luzzatto Gardner served as US Ambassador to the European Union during 2014-2017 and as Director for European Affairs in the National Security Council during 1994-95. He currently serves as Senior Counsel at Sidley Austin and as Senior Adviser at the Brunswick Group in London.

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