International Political Economy

Showcasing the interaction between political and economic forces, our market-leading IPE programme investigates global markets, international trade, financial crises, labour, production, resource governance and much more.

As an integral part of this programme, Palgrave is very proud to be the home of our pioneering International Political Economy flagship series, edited by Tim Shaw, which we have published for nearly 35 years. An indispensable resource, the IPE series examines a variety of capitalisms and connections by focusing on emerging economies, companies and sectors, debates and policies. Embracing local aspects of the political economy and globalization, you can discover the broad scope of IPE in series such as Contemporary African Political Economy, Latin American Political Economy, The Political Economy of East Asia and Global Reordering. A unique collaboration has been formed with the Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute (SPERI), publishing state of the art research for both researchers and policymakers alike in Building a Sustainable Political Economy: SPERI Research & Policy. Boasting rich empirical research, Palgrave IPE combines some of the biggest names in the field as well as giving a voice to emerging scholars from around the world.