Public Policy

Our Public Policy and Public Administration programme provides incisive scholarly analyses of the policies of government, national and regional, including of political institutions and governance of the public sector. 

We co-publish series with some of the most influential organisations in the field, including the International Series of Public Policy, edited by B. Guy Peters and Philippe Zittoun and in conjunction with the International Public Policy Association, and the Governance and Public Management series with the International Institute of Administrative Sciences (IIAS).

The programme translates research into practice in innovative ways in order to meet the demands of policymakers and practitioners, as well as scholars and students, offering a wide range of products in the policy field, combining more practically orientated materials and case studies, with titles exploring the Foundations of Government and Public Administration or interdisciplinary series such as Bioethics and Public Policy. We are at present piloting a new format, Palgrave Policy Essentials, which offers short books on a range of timely subjects, written in an accessible style, by academics with direct policymaking experience.