Early Modern Literature in History

Brown, C. C. (Ed), Hadfield, A. (Ed)

Within the period 1520–1740, this large, long-running series, with international representation discusses many kinds of writing, both within and outside the established canon. The volumes may employ different theoretical perspectives, but they share an historical awareness and an interest in seeing their texts in lively negotiation with their own and successive cultures.  Editorial board members: Sharon Achinstein, John Hopkins University, USA; John Kerrigan, University of Cambridge, UK; Richard C McCoy, Columbia University, USA; Jean Howard, Columbia University, USA; Adam Smyth, University of Oxford, UK; Cathy Shrank, University of Sheffield, UK; Michelle O'Callaghan, University of Reading, UK; Steven Zwicker, Washington University, USA; Katie Larson, University of Toronto, Canada

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Titles in this series