The Academy of International Business

, () (Ed), Sinkovics, R. (Ed), Kuivalainen, O. (Ed), Dimitratos, P. (Ed)

The Academy of International Business – AIB-UKI Chapter book series is dedicated to publish cutting-edge research in International Business (IB) that is of contemporary relevance and at the cusp of conceptual and empirical development. The socio-political environment within which IB activity takes place is reconfigured and transformed with tremendous speed. This book series seeks to close the time-to-market of new findings and offer a solid evidence base and frameworks that helps to understand these changes. Each of the editions curates the work that exists under a special IB theme, bringing together advances by leading authors in the field. Submissions to the series are double blind peer reviewed. For information on how to submit a proposal for inclusion in the series please visit our website:

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Titles in this series