Series in Asian Labor and Welfare Policies

Chan, C. (Ed), Chang, D. (Ed), Nadvi, K. (Ed)

Asia has been the new focus of global social sciences. One of the key features for the rise of Asia is the creation of the largest industrial workforce in the human history. China, India and many other newly industrialized countries in Asia have been transformed as 'world factories' for the global capitalism in the past four decades. This development involves both extensive and intensive migration of labour across Asia. Massive populations in the Asian countries, who formerly involved in traditional self- subsistence activities, have become wage labourers. In China itself, more than 260 million of rural-urban migrant labours have been created in the past three decades.   The production and the reproduction of labour in Asia have therefore become the major research themes in a wide range of disciplines such as gender studies, development studies, policies studies, employment relations, human resource management, legal studies as well as sociology, politics and anthropology.

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