Palgrave Studies in Pragmatics, Language and Cognition

Breheny, R. (Ed), Sauerland, U. (Ed)

Palgrave Studies in Pragmatics, Language and Cognition is a series of high quality research monographs and edited collections of essays focusing on the human pragmatic capacity and its interaction with natural language semantics and other faculties of mind. A central interest is the interface of pragmatics with the linguistic system(s), with the 'theory of mind' capacity and with other mental reasoning and general problem-solving capacities. Work of a social or cultural anthropological kind is included if firmly embedded in a cognitive framework. Given the interdisciplinarity of the focal issues, relevant research comes from linguistics, philosophy of language, theoretical and experimental pragmatics, psychology and child development. The series aims to reflect all kinds of research in the relevant fields - conceptual, analytical and experimental.  Series editorial board: Kent Bach, Anne Bezuidenhout, Noel Burton-Roberts, Robyn Carston, François Recanati, Deirdre Wilson, Sam Glucksberg, Francesca Happé

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Titles in this series