OR Essentials

Taylor, S. (Ed)

The OR Essentials series presents a unique cross-section of high quality research work fundamental to understanding contemporary issues and research in across a range of Operational Research (OR) topics. It brings together some of the best research papers from the esteemed Operational Research Society and its associated journals, also published by Palgrave Macmillan. OR deals with the use of advanced analytical methods to support better decision making. As a multidisciplinary field, it has strong links to management science, decision science, computer science and has practical applications in areas such as engineering, manufacturing, commerce, healthcare and defence. OR has longstanding historical roots. However, as a modern discipline it arguably started during World War II when mathematical techniques were being developed to support the war effort. Now it is common place and a key discipline taught in universities across the world, at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. There are several international societies dedicated to the advancement of OR (e.g. the Operational Research Society and INFORMS The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences) and there are many high quality peer-review journals dedicated to the topic. The OR Essentials books are a vital reference tool for students, academics, and industry practitioners, providing easy access to top research papers on the most cutting-edge topics within the field of Operational Research.

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Titles in this series