Non-Governmental Public Action

Howell, J. (Ed)

Non-governmental public action (NGPA) by and for disadvantaged and marginalized people has become increasingly significant over the past two decades. This series is designed to make a fresh and original contribution to the understanding of NGPA. It presents the findings of innovative and policy-relevant research carried out by established and new scholars working in collaboration with researchers across the world. The series is international in scope and includes both theoretical and empirical work. The series marks a departure from previous studies in this area in at least two important respects. First, it goes beyond a singular focus on developmental NGOs or the voluntary sector to include a range of non-governmental public actors such as advocacy networks, campaigns and coalitions, trade unions, peace groups, rights-based groups, cooperatives and social movements. Second, the series is innovative is stimulating a new approach to international comparative research that promotes comparison of the so-called developing world, thereby querying the conceptual utility and relevance of categories such as North and South.

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