New Waves in Philosophy

New Waves in Philosophy is an anthology series with Palgrave Macmillan. The aim of this series is to gather the young and up-and-coming scholars in philosophy to give their view of the subject now and in the years to come, and to serve a documentary purpose i.e., 'this is what they said then, and this is what happened'. It will also provide a snap-shot of cutting-edge research that will be of vital interest to researchers and students working in all subject areas of philosophy. The goal of the series is to have aNew Wavesvolume in every one of the main areas of philosophy. Each volume will normally be edited by two academics, and typically the editors will organize a conference to coincide with the launch of the volume. The subject areas and their volume editors will be selected by the series editors but proposals for new volumes are also welcome. Volume editors and contributors must normally meet the 'Rutgers' Rule' which states that the scholars in question must be less than ten years out of their PhD.

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Titles in this series