Marxism and Education

Hall, R. (Ed)

This international series assumes the ongoing relevance of Marx's contributions to critical social analysis, and encourages the development of the full-range of engagement with Marxist traditions both in and for education. It celebrates scholarship and analysis across intersections, geographies, histories and sectors, with a focus upon how the dynamics of capitalism and developments in political economy impact formal and informal education. As a result, it aims for critique that can describe and analyse how education informs resistances to capitalist social relations, and how those might be abolished or transcended. The series proceeds in a spirit of openness and dialogue within and between various conceptions of Marxism and education. However, the series also brings those conceptions, and analyses that are informed by Marxist scholarship, into dialogue with their critics and other anti-capitalist traditions. The essential feature of the series is that Marxist modes of critique and Marxist frameworks provide living methodologies, which form inspirational resources for renewing both educational practices and research. In this way, the series develops socially-useful knowledge that can support action inside and against existing structures, policies and processes of education, by rethinking their relationship to society. The series is dedicated to the realization of positive human potentialities through education and with Marx.

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Titles in this series