IE Business Publishing

IE Publishing | Knowledge and Palgrave Macmillan have launched a collection of high-quality books in the areas of Business and Management, Economics and Finance. This important series is characterized by innovative ideas and theories, entrepreneurial perspectives, academic rigor and practical approaches which will make these books invaluable to the business professional, scholar and student alike. IE University is one of the world's leading institutions that shapes leaders with a global vision, an entrepreneurial mindset and a humanistic approach to drive innovation and change in organizations. Palgrave Macmillan, part of Macmillan Group, has been serving the learning and professional sector for more than 160 years. The series, put together by these eminent international partners, will enable executives, students, management scholars and professionals worldwide to have access to the most valuable information and critical new arguments and theories in the fields of Business and Management, Economics and Finance from the leading experts at IE.

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Titles in this series