Central and Eastern European Perspectives on International Relations

Šabič, Z. (Ed), Drulák, P. (Ed)

The main purpose of this series is to provide and sustain excellence in international relations research in and on Central Europe. The series aims to provide readers with high quality publications from scholars conducting IR research from the Central and Eastern European (CEE) perspectives that will resonate with the IR community as well as practitioners in and beyond the region. Reflecting on the range and depth of research and scholarship in this region, this series welcomes original and innovative contributions from established IR researchers who have helped to establish the IR field in Central and Eastern Europe as well as by emerging scholars who are building on this tradition. The series is purposely interdisciplinary and welcomes studies which examine IR topics from the CEE perspectives in international politics. These perspectives are shaped by the experience of small states vs. great powers' interests, regionalisation, national minorities, the role of international institutions, the position between the West and East broadly defined, as well as intellectual traditions.

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Titles in this series