Content and Context in Theological Ethics

Content and Context in Theological Ethics offers ethics from theological and religious perspectives rooted in the particular contexts and lived experience of real people in history, in the present, and looking with hope toward the future. The series raises the contexts or cultures out of which an increasing number of scholars do their thinking and research, regarding the influence of those contexts on the content of ethics and how that content has been applied historically, traditionally, and/or subversively by members of the context or community or culture under scrutiny or raised as paradigmatic or as a novel or passing fad. The series explores normative claims about right and wrong, human flourishing or failing, virtues and vices (the fundamental bases and questions of ethics) within the context, culture, or community identified and in correlation with norms inherited from or imposed by colonizing/dominant forces or ideologies while recognizing new voices and/or new understandings of theologically and/or religiously inspired concerns in response to knowledge uncovered by other disciplines which impact ethical reflection on the content explored.

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Titles in this series