Contemporary Gulf Studies

Wright, S. (Ed), Baabood, A. (Ed)

Salient Features: The Gulf lies at the intersection of regional conflicts and the competing interests of global powers and therefore publications in the series reflect this complex environment. The series will see publication on the dynamic nature of how the Gulf region has been undergoing enormous changes attracting regional and international interests. The series is managed through Gulf Studies Center at Qatar University, which has emerged as the leading institution within the Gulf region offering graduate degrees in Gulf Studies at both masters and doctoral level. Aims and Scope: This series offer a platform from which scholarly work on the most pressing issues within the Gulf region will be examined. The scope of the book series will encompass work being done on the member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC): Saudi Arabia, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait in addition to Iraq, Iran and Yemen. The series will focus on three types of volumes: Single and jointly authored monograph; Thematic edited books; Course text books. The scope of the series will include publications relating to the countries of focus, in terms of the following themes which will allow for interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary inquiry on the Gulf region to flourish: Politics and political development  Regional and international relations  Regional cooperation and integration  Defense and security  Economics and development  Food and water security  Energy and environment  Civil society and the private sector  Identity, migration, youth, gender and employment  Health and education  Media, literature, arts & culture 

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Titles in this series