Palgrave Studies in Law, Neuroscience, and Human Behavior

Blitz, M. J. (Ed), Bublitz, C. (Ed), Moriarty, J. C. (Ed)

Neuroscience is drawing increasing attention from lawyers, judges, and policy-makers because it both illuminates and questions the myriad assumptions that law makes about human thought and behavior.  Additionally, the  technologies used in neuroscience may provide lawyers with new forms of evidence that arguably require regulation.  Thus, both the technology and applications of neuroscience involve serious questions implicating the fields of ethics, law, science, and policy.  Simultaneously, developments in empirical psychology are shedding scientific light on the patterns of human thought and behavior that are implicated in the legal system.  The Palgrave Series on Law, Neuroscience, and Human Behavior provides a platform for these emerging areas of scholarship.  

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