Palgrave Studies in Climate Resilient Societies

Brears, R. (Ed)

The Palgrave Studies in Climate Resilient Societies series provides readers with an understanding of what the terms resilience and climate resilient societies mean; the best practices and lessons learnt from various governments, in both non-OECD and OECD countries, implementing climate resilience policies (in other words what is ‘desirable’ or ‘undesirable’ when building climate resilient societies); an understanding of what a resilient society potentially looks like; knowledge of when resilience building requires slow transitions or rapid transformations; and knowledge on how governments can create coherent, forward-looking and flexible policy innovations to build climate resilient societies that: support the conservation of ecosystems; promote the sustainable use of natural resources; encourage sustainable practices and management systems; develop resilient and inclusive communities; ensure economic growth; and protect health and livelihoods from climatic extremes.

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Titles in this series