Global Research in Gender, Sexuality and Health

Annandale, E. (Ed), Lin, X. (Ed)

Global Research in Gender, Sexuality and Health brings together original, forward-looking research on gender, sexuality and health at a time of far-reaching and complex global transformations in each of these areas. The associations between these realms are being reconfigured by global social change in different ways and with different consequences for the experience of illness and delivery of healthcare in local and national contexts. New experiences of health and illness are also being driven by the increased global mobility of bodies and illnesses and the growing securitization of illness. In turn, these are challenging conventional ways of thinking about gender, gender, sexualities and the body and call for novel conceptual approaches that are a better fit for an understanding of health in a ‘global age’. This interdisciplinary series aims to showcase original research monographs and edited collections of interest to an international readership. Studies from the Global South are particularly encouraged, to help reflect on and revise knowledge of gender, sexuality and health beyond a Eurocentric perspective.

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Titles in this series