Palgrave Studies in Cross-disciplinary Business Research, In Association with EuroMed Academy of Business

Vrontis, D. (Ed), Weber, Y. (Ed), Thrassou, A. (Ed), Shams, S. M. R. (Ed), Tsoukatos, E. (Ed)

Reflecting the growing appetite for cross-disciplinary business research, this series aims to explore the prospects of bringing different business disciplines together in order to guide the exploitation of commercial opportunities and the minimization of business risks. Each book in the series will examine a current and pressing theme and consist of a range of perspectives such as HRM, entrepreneurship, strategy and marketing in order to enhance and move our thinking forward on a particular topic. Contextually the series reflects the increasing need for businesses to move past silo thinking and implement cross-functional and cross-disciplinary strategies. It acts to highlight the emergence of cross-disciplinary business knowledge and its strategic implications. Published in conjunction with the EuroMed Academy of Business, books will be published annually and based on the best papers from their conferences. Over the last decade EuroMed have developed a cross-disciplinary academic community which comprises more than 30,000 students and scholars from all over the world. Each submission is subject to a double blind peer review. For further information on Palgrave's peer review policy please visit this website: For information on how to submit a proposal for inclusion in this series please contact Liz Barlow: For information on the book proposal process please visit this website:

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