Disaster Research and Management Series on the Global South

Singh, A. (Ed)

Disaster Research and Management Series on the Global South is a series coming out of Special Centre for Disaster Research (SCDR) at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), Delhi, India. SCDR is the first in Asia Pacific to start a course on disaster research within a social science perspective. The series follows and publishes pedagogical and methodological change within the subject. The new direction of teaching, research and training turns from ‘hazard based’ to ‘resilience building’. The series taps such research for the benefit of institutes and higher education bodies of the global south. It also suggests that much of the western literature based upon rescue, relief and rehabilitation which is also being taught in the Asian institutes is not directly relevant to managing disasters in the region. It provides reading and study material for the developing field of disaster research and management. 1. Generates a non-west transdisciplinary literature on disaster research and studies 2. Strengthens disaster governance and improves its legal framework 3. Sensitizes disaster management authorities towards key priorities and attention areas 4. Focus on preparedness is strongly proposed and revisited 5. Highlights changes in pedagogy and methodology of disaster research and teaching 6. Mainstream vulnerable communities of differently abled, elderly, women, children 7. Indicate strategies needed to protect city animals, birds and wildlife during disasters

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Titles in this series