MyPalgrave profile for authors and editors

Your MyPalgrave profile

• It allows you to order Palgrave Macmillan and Springer books with your 40% author discount.

• It gives you access to Book Tracking, where you can track the production stages of your book.
• From this page you can download a free personal eBook copy (watermarked PDF file) of the books you publish with us. If you need an EPUB file, please contact the publisher. The free eBook will be available for titles published from August 2016.

Login and registration

From September we will create a MyPalgrave account for you during the publication process. Your login name will be your email address. Each MyPalgrave profile is linked to an email address. Therefore we recommend you use only one email address for all Palgrave Macmillan publications. Only then can you be sure that e.g. all of your free eBooks can be downloaded from one MyPalgrave profile. For the time being, MyPalgrave accounts and free eBooks cannot be offered retrospectively.

Request a password or reset your password

Here you can request or reset your password for your account.

Book Tracking

Form September 2016 Book Tracking will inform authors about the seven production stages of their book: from the moment their manuscript enters production until it is published online and in print.

After your manuscript has been handed over to production, we will inform you by email that Book Tracking is now available.

Log in on to access your personal MyPalgrave account, where you can monitor your publication's production stages. You can also opt to receive an email alert whenever your book reaches the next production step.

Production stages

  • Book manuscript in production/typesetting
  • Proofs coming soon
  • Book proofs sent
  • Proof corrections being done
  • Checking that your feedback has been incorporated
  • Book available online
  • Book available in print

Merging accounts

If you have published with us multiple times and used several email addresses, you will have been registered with several times. This means you have different MyPalgrave accounts. We regret they cannot be combined into one account. Your publications are linked to your different email addresses and different MyPalgrave accounts.