Studies in the Political Economy of Public Policy

Carroll, T. (Ed), Cammack, P. (Ed), Gerard, K. (Ed), Jarvis, D. S. (Ed)

Studies in the Political Economy of Public Policy presents cutting edge, innovative research on the origins and impacts of public policy. Going beyond mainstream public policy debates, the series encourages heterodox and heterogeneous studies of sites of contestation, conflict and cooperation that explore policy processes and their consequences at the local, national, regional or global levels. Fundamentally pluralist in nature, the series is designed to provide high quality original research of both a theoretical and empirical nature that supports a global network of scholars exploring the implications of policy on society. The series is supported by a diverse international advisory board drawn from Asia, Europe, Australia, and North America, and welcomes manuscript submissions from scholars in the global South and North that pioneer new understandings of public policy.    International Advisory Board:  Alberto Asquer, SOAS, University of London, UK Jacqui Baker, Murdoch University, Australia Caner Bakir, Koç University, Turkey Shaun Breslin, University of Warwick, UK Sydney Calkin, University of Durham, UK  Paul Cammack, University of Manchester, UK Giliberto Capano, Bologna University, Italy Paul Chambers, Naresuan University, Thailand  Tom Chodor, Monash University, Australia           Susan Engel, University of Wollongong, Australia                Paul K. Gellert, University of Tennessee, USA  Barry Gills, University of Helsinki, Finland   Ruben Gonzalez-Vicente, Leiden University, Netherlands  Penny Griffin, University of New South Wales, Australia Samanthi Gunawardana , Monash University, Australia Pascale Hatcher, University of Canterbury, New Zealand Heng Yee Kuang, University of Tokyo, Japan Kevin Hewison, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA    Wil Hout, Institute of Social Studies, Erasmus University, Netherlands Michael Howlett, Simon Fraser University, Canada   Elizabeth Humphrys, University of Technology Sydney, Australia Kanishka Jayasuriya, Murdoch University, Australia  Melissa Johnston, Monash University, Australia  Zhang Jun, City University of Hong Kong, SAR, China  Sung-Young Kim, Macquarie University, Australia               Mustafa Kutlay, City University of London, UK      Max Lane, Victoria University, Australia Tim Legrand, University of Adelaide, Australia Kun-chin Lin, University of Cambridge, UK  Jorg Nowak, ERC Postdoctoral Researcher           Ziya Öniş, Koç University, Turkey                               Susan Park, University of Sydney, Australia                           Michael Peters, University of New South Wales, Australia Adrienne Roberts, University of Manchester, UK  Steven Rolf, University of Sussex, UK Stuart Shields, University of Manchester, UK  Richard Stubbs, McMaster University, Canada  Maria Tanyag, Australian National University, Australia   Silke Trommer, University of Manchester, UK  Heloise Weber, University of Queensland, Australia  Philippe Zittoun, Science Po, Grenoble, France   All books in the series are subject to Palgrave's rigorous peer review process: For more information, or to submit a proposal, please contact one of the series editors: Toby Carroll (, Paul Cammack (, Kelly Gerard (, Darryl Jarvis (

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