Michelle Chen

Michelle Chen

US Politics, Public Policy, and Political Theory


Palgrave Macmillan

1 New York Plaza, Suite 4500

New York, NY 10004-1562

Tel.: +001 (212) 451-8475

Michelle Chen publishes research in North American Politics, Political Theory, Public Policy and Law. Her areas include, but are not limited to, US Politics, Canadian Politics, American Political Development, Law & Courts, Constitutionalism, Political Behavior, Critical Theory, Queer Politics, Gender/Race/Intersectionality, Marxism, History of Political Thought, Religion & Politics, Radical Politics, and Environmental Politics. Michelle also looks after Palgrave’s growing program in North American Public Policy and Administration. She welcomes proposals for scholarly monographs, edited collections, Handbooks, Pivots, upper-level textbooks, and major reference works. Prior to joining the Politics and International Studies team in 2017, Michelle worked across the Politics and Music programs at Bloomsbury Academic.