Palgrave Series of Sport in Asia

Cho, Y. (Ed), Kelly, W. W. (Ed)

‚ÄčThis cross-disciplinary series publishes the works of leading scholars who critically engage with the complexity of Asian sport from global and comparative perspectives. By exploring historic and contemporary Asian sports alike, it provides both a theoretical and empirical understanding of Asian sports, examining aspects that include, but are certainly not limited to: mega-events (the Olympics, Football World Cup, Asian Games); media (broadcasting, journalism, representation), fandom (celebrity athletes), body practices (exercise, training), cultural industry (leagues, publicity, sponsorship), and diplomacy (transnational institutes, governments and NGOs).¬† The series welcomes cutting-edge contributions in the fields of anthropology, cultural geography, cultural studies, gender studies, history, media studies, performance studies, and sociology. As the first of its kind, the series provides critical assessments of the practical implications of sport in Asia for the international community of English-speaking scholars, academies and institutes, helping to foster a constructive dialogue and collaboration.

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Titles in this series