Unsafe Space

© SpringerThe Crisis of Free Speech on Campus
Edited by Tom Slater
27th April
£19.99| $31 | Paperback | 9781137587855

From Yale students’ war on offensive Halloween costumes to Oxford’s Rhodes Must Fall campaign, campus illiberalism has exploded in recent years.

With contributions from free-speech campaigners on both sides of the Atlantic, Unsafe Space is the first book to go beyond the headlines and offer biting analysis of the
parlous state of free speech on campus in the UK and the US.

Edited by Tom Slater – deputy editor of the UK’s leading free-speech magazine, spiked – the book explores all of the biggest threats to campus free speech today, from Safe Spaces to feminism to trigger warnings and BDS.

More than that, it offers a much-needed history lesson, exploring the intellectual and political roots of the ideas espoused by today’s blue-haired belligerents.

This is a polemic against intellectual conformity - a demand that every university be an Unsafe Space.

‘Unsafe Space makes a passionate, persuasive case for free speech on campus, touching on many of the censorship battles that others find too hot to handle. A call-to-arms for students and academics who want to turn the tide on campus censorship.’

- Nadine Strossen, author Defending Pornography

‘If universities becoming hostile environments for intellectual freedom doesn’t worry you already, it will after you’ve read the passionate, wide-ranging, and sometimes startling essays in Unsafe Space. Fortunately, when you pick up this book, the solution – more speech, better arguments, and moral courage – is in your hands.’

- Jonathan Rauch, author Kindly Inquisitors


About the Contributers:

Brendan O’Neill – editor of spiked and coiner of the phrase ‘Stepford Students’
Greg Lukianoff – president of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE)
Joanna Williams – author of Academic Freedom In An Age of Conformity
Frank Furedi – author of On Tolerance and Where Have All The Intellectuals Gone?
Jon O’Brien – president of Catholics for Choice
Tom Slater – deputy editor of spiked and coordinator of the Free Speech University Rankings
Nancy McDermott – contributor to spiked and academic researcher
Peter Wood – president of the National Association of Scholars (NAS)
Sean Collins – US correspondent for spiked

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