​​Politics and International Studies

Featuring interdisciplinary and rigorous research from leading scholars and practitioners in the field, Palgrave Politics & International Studies offers unique and timely insight into a fast changing and increasingly globalizing world.

Students, researchers and professionals will find an outstanding selection of subject-defining reference works and cutting edge research monographs covering the breadth of British, European and Comparative Political Science, US Politics, Public Policy and Political Theory; as well as International Relations, International Political Economy, Security, Peace and Conflict, Development Studies and Regional Politics. In addition to covering classical topics within the field, our innovative collection publishes unique contributions focusing on the Global South, Gender Studies, Childhood and Disability Studies, Non-Governmental Activism, Transitional Justice, Religion, Urban Politics and Migration.

From the award-winning Palgrave Studies in European Union Politics series, market leading International Political Economy series which Palgrave has published for more than three decades, leading research in Peace Studies to the new and rapidly expanding programme in public policy, readers can expect the truly global perspective and trademark academic excellence which defines this multi-faceted approach to politics and international studies.