Palgrave Pocket Consultants

Palgrave Pocket Consultants is a new series of concise, market driven, technical guides which provide actionable solutions to specific, high-level business problems. Written for aspiring middle-to-senior managers working for start-ups, through to multinational corporations, Palgrave Pocket Consultants cover a range of key topics in modern business, including: Marketing, Branding and Advertising; Entrepreneurship and small business; HR and OB; Management and Strategy; Global Business; Business, Society and Culture and Innovation. The series presents: - Top-notch business authors: written in an accessible and concise way by leading experts who have first-hand experience of business and industry. - Need-to-know knowledge: focused on the timeliest topics for the world of business and management, Palgrave Pocket Consultants solve problems that would otherwise drive a board or owner to employ a consultant. - Accessible content: Palgrave Pocket Consultants are purpose built to provide clear, to-the-point guidance, available in print and digital and reasonably priced between £14.99-£19.99. - Actionable solutions: the series will provide applicable guidance for middle-management to c-suite executives, business owners and entrepreneurs

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