Christianities in the Trans-Atlantic World

Gribben, C. (Ed), Spurlock, S. (Ed)

Building upon the recent recovery of interest in religion in the early modern trans-Atlantic world, this series offers fresh, lively and inter-disciplinary perspectives on the broad view of its subject. Books in the series will work strategically and systematically to address major but under-studied or overly simplified themes in the religious and cultural history of the trans-Atlantic. The series editorial board includes David Bebbington (University of Stirling), John Coffey (University of Leicester), Susan Hardman Moore (University of Edinburgh), Andrew Holmes (Queen’s University Belfast), John Morrill (University of Cambridge), Richard Muller (Calvin Theological Seminary), Mark Noll (University of Notre Dame), Dana L. Robert (Boston University) and Arthur Williamson (California State University, Sacramento).

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Titles in this series