​​Finance and Banking

The world of finance is a very fickle one. Interest rates are in constant flux, financial markets are always changing, and the value of money is always on the minds of many.

We at Palgrave Macmillan are pleased to offer our continually growing list of titles that examine these financial phenomena and many other topics to make sure you don’t get lost in it.

We offer research and guidance written and edited by the foremost financial experts in hopes of making sense of the always changing and sometimes confusing landscape of finance and banking.

Tula Weis

Tula Weis

Senior Editor
Finance (Scholarly & Professional)


Tel.: +1 212-451-8459

Tula publishes scholarly and professional finance content across all sub-disciplines including banking, corporate finance, wealth management, impact finance, history of finance, behavioral finance, and monetary economics. She welcomes proposals for both authored and edited monographs, handbooks, new series, and Palgrave Pivots. Prior to joining Palgrave in April 2017, Tula commissioned finance books at Wiley.


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