Celebrate the 2018 Chinese New Year

Influential publications by Chinese scholars

Happy Chinese New Year! 狗年大吉!

To celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Dog with Palgrave Macmillan, we are proud to share a selection of high-impact publications by Chinese scholars.

We hope you will enjoy reading them. Feel free to share this page with anyone you know who would be interested in the content. We wish you good luck and every success in the Year of the Dog!

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Influential books by Chinese scholars

Browse these highly cited, mentioned and downloaded books by Chinese authors (according to Bookmetrix). 

Enjoy free chapters until March 15, 2018.

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Corporate China 2.0

Authors: Liu, Qiao

FREE chapterThe Beginning of a Breakthrough

© Springer

Autobiography and Teacher Development in China

Editors: Pinar, W., Hua, Zhang (Eds.)

FREE chapter: Philosophy for Children in China: Teacher Knowledge and Teacher Development

© Springer

China’s Media and Soft Power in Africa

Editors: Zhang, X., Wasserman, H., Mano, W. (Eds.)

FREE chapter: Constructive Journalism: A New Journalistic Paradigm of Chinese Media in Africa

© Springer

Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching

Editors: Reinders, Hayo, Nunan, David, Zou, Bin (Eds.)

FREE chapter: Assessment for Learning in English Language Classrooms in China: Contexts, Problems, and Solutions

© Springer

Development of Consumer Finance in East Asia

Editors: Wang, Guogang, Zeng, Gang, Xiaoying, Xuan (Eds.)

FREE chapter: Credit Card Business and Consumer Finance of China, Japan, and South Korea

© Springer

Urban Villages in the New China

Authors: Wang, Da Wei David

FREE chapter: Migrant City and Migrant Villages

© Springer

The Asian Developmental State

Editors: Chu, Yin-wah (Ed.)

FREE chapter: Toward a Platform Builder: The State’s Role in Taiwan’s Biopharmaceutical Industry

© Springer

Political Economy of Macao since 1999

Authors: Hao, Yufan, Li, Sheng, Pan, Guanjin

FREE chapter: On the Future of Macao: Success Without Dilemma

© Springer

Television and Dating in Contemporary China

Authors: Yang, Chao

FREE chapter: TV Dating as a Mediated Dating Text

© Springer

The Belt & Road Initiative in the Global Arena

Editors: Cheng, Yu, Song, Lilei, Huang, Lihe (Eds.)

FREE chapter: Public Opinions on the Belt and Road Initiative: A Cross-Cultural Study