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We publish research which addresses contemporary issues

At Palgrave we pioneered the publication of mid-length research, a format which is now being taken up widely across the academic publishing industry. Launching Palgrave Pivot in 2012, this new imprint allowed for the publication of work between 20-50,000 words in length and crucially allowed scholars to publish within just three months of submitting their manuscript.

The pivot format has revolutionized the type of research we can publish, including work that can respond very quickly to contemporary events. You can see the impact that some of our Palgrave Pivots have had here.

Does your research focus on a topical issue and would you be interested in publishing a Palgrave Pivot? Read more about the format on our website, download our 'Publishing with Palgrave Macmillan' information pack or get in touch with one of our editors using our 'Want to talk' form.