Financial Statistics

  • ISSN: 0015-203X (print)
  • Journal no.: 41319
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Published monthly, this journal presents actionable research data on a wide range of important financial statistics in the United Kingdom. The journal is described as "a monetary compendium of the UK's key financial and monetary statistics."

The journal Financial Statistics offers tracking statistics in a broad range of topics, including public sector finance, central government revenue and expenditure, money supply and credit, banks and building societies, interest and exchange rates, financial accounts, capital issues, balance sheets and balance of payments.

Among the reports collected here are the Index of Services, which measures the chained volume index movements of the UK services sector; average effective currency exchange rates; and a seasonally adjusted index of production. A statistical bulletin provides estimates on the value and number of mergers, acquisitions and disposals involving UK companies, with values of £1 million or more. The monthly Index of Production offers statistics and analysis, with separate sections describing such industrial categories as Mining and quarrying, Energy supply, Water and waste management. The Index of Services measures the chained volume index movements of the UK services sector, with breakouts for segments such as hotels and restaurants, transport, communication, and government and other services.

Financial Statistics is compiled and published in association with Great Britain’s Office for National Statistics (ONS).