Review Copies

If you are an editor, book reviewer or journalist and would like to review one or more of our books, we are happy to support you. 

We value the time that reviewers and journalists spend writing about our books. We provide solicited review copies in electronic format for confirmed pieces in journals, newspapers, magazines and other media outlets (television, radio, etc.). 

Regularly assessing how our resources are produced and used is an important part of our commitment to reducing Palgrave Macmillan's and our parent company Springer Nature‚Äôs impact on the environment. The development of a sustainable, flexible e-strategy reflects our long-term status as an industry leader, as well as our commitment to minimising our environmental impact by implementing green initiatives wherever possible. You can find out more about these commitments in our annual Responsible Business Report.

If you would like to order a review copy or have detailed questions, please contact our book review team. Please note that all review copies are sent at the sole discretion of Springer Nature and are for personal use only.