The Arts in Higher Education

Kindelan, N. (Ed)

The role the arts play in higher education continues to be a complex and highly debated topic, especially in the changing climate of North American education. Showcasing cutting-edge research, this series illuminates and examines how engagement in the arts helps students meet the challenges and opportunities of a twenty-first century life and workplace by encompassing a wide range of issues from both scholars and practitioners in the arts. Key topics the series will cover include: evolving interdisciplinary degrees that include the arts; creating innovative experiential/pedagogical practices in the arts; discovering new methods of teaching and learning that involve the arts and technology; developing inventive narrative forms that explore social issues through play making; exploring non-traditional sites for creative art making; demystifying the process of creative thinking (especially as creativity relates to business practices, scientific thought, inter-active media, and entrepreneurial activities); engaging the arts in understanding global perspectives; and illustrating how the arts create lifelong skills that help students manage a challenging job market. While the scope of the series is focused on the arts in higher education in North America, the series may also include scholarship that considers the total educational spectrum from K through 16, since there is now interest in creating a seamless educational progression from kindergarten through the baccalaureate degree.

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Titles in this series