Palgrave Studies on Children and Development

Boyden, J. (Ed), Huijsmans, R. (Ed), Ansell, N. (Ed)

The series focuses on the interface between childhood studies and international development. Children and young people often feature as targets of development or are mobilized as representing the future in debates on broader development problems such as climate change. Increased attention to children in international development policy and practice is also fuelled by the near universally ratified United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and the recently adopted Sustainable Development Goals. Nonetheless, relatively little has been written on how the experience of childhood and youth is shaped by development as well as how young people as social actors negotiate, appropriate or even resist development discourses and practices. Equally, the increased emphasis in research on children and young people’s voices, lived experiences and participation has yet to impact policy and practice in substantial ways. This series brings together cutting-edge research presented in a variety of forms, including monographs, edited volumes and the Palgrave Pivot format; and so furthers theoretical, conceptual and policy debates situated on the interface of childhood and international development. The series includes a mini-series from Young Lives, a unique 15-year longitudinal study of child childhood poverty in developing countries. A particular strength of the series is its inter-disciplinary approach and its emphasis on bringing together material that links issues from developed and developing countries, as they affect children and young people. The series will present original and valuable new knowledge for an important and growing field of scholarship.

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