Marx, Engels, and Marxisms

Musto, M. (Ed), Carver, T. (Ed)

The volumes of this series (edited by Marcello Musto & Terrell Carver, with Babak Amini and Kohei Saito as Assistant Editors) challenge the ‘Marxist’ intellectual traditions to date by making use of scholarly discoveries of the Marx-Engels Gesamtausgabe since the 1990s, taking on board interdisciplinary and other new critical perspectives, and incorporating ‘reception studies’. Authors and editors in the series resist oversimplification of ideas and reinscription of traditions. Moreover, their very diversity in terms of language, local context, political engagement and scholarly practice mark the series out from any other in the field. Involving scholars from different fields and cultural backgrounds, the series editors ensure tolerance for differences within and between provocative monographs and edited volumes. Running contrary to 20th century practices of simplification, the books in this innovative series revitalize Marxist intellectual traditions.

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Titles in this series