History of Text Technologies

This series, developed in conjunction with an interdisciplinary research program at Florida State University, is dedicated to new scholarship and theory in the history of books and, more generally, the transformation of sign systems into engineered objects. This exciting new series moves from the analysis of texts as material objects to the analysis of texts as material agents. It is committed to the recognition that texts cannot be separated from the various and changing technologies through which they are created. Included are analytic bibliography, paleography, and epigraphy, history of authorship, history of reading, study of manuscript and print culture, and history of media. Rather than being a solely historical overview, this series seeks out scholarship that provides a frame for understanding the consequences of both globalism and technology in the circulation of texts, ideas, and human culture. For more on the series, see the History of Text Technologies website at http://hott.fsu.edu.

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Titles in this series