Central and Eastern European Perspectives on International Relations

Kratochvíl, P. (Ed), Onderco, M. (Ed)

CEEPIR, the foundational book series of the Central and East European International Studies Association (CEEISA), is an interdisciplinary forum for scholarship that straddles traditional and novel approaches, advancing cutting-edge scholarship in global international relations. The series invites proposals in the spirit of epistemological and methodological pluralism and in a range of traditional and innovative formats: research monographs, edited collections, textbooks and Pivots which aim at succinct and timely scholarly interventions. The editorial focus is twofold: (1) The CEEISA book series retains its long-standing objective to sustain and showcase excellent research in and on Central and Eastern Europe. We are interested in innovative scholarly perspectives on contemporary social and political transformations in the region, in how knowledge is produced about such transformations, and in how Central and Eastern Europe interacts with the wider European and global contexts. We are interested in advancing the scholarly discussion between Central and Eastern Europe and the discipline more broadly. In cooperation with CEEISA, we maintain a subseries of works which received distinction of excellence by the Association (e.g. the best doctoral dissertation, the best paper at the CEEISA convention, the best thematic panel). (2) We seek in particular outstanding empirical work which advances conceptual and methodological innovation in International Relations theory, European Studies and International Political Sociology, particularly when related to Central and Eastern Europe We welcome novel research techniques and approaches that explore diverse sites and engage diverse challenges of contemporary world politics. As a devoted team dedicated to excellence and timeliness in the editorial and peer review process, we rely on the support of Palgrave, and liaise with the Journal of International Relations and Development to develop a platform for scholars who can reinvigorate existing research in global international relations.   --- Petr Kratochvíl is a full Professor of International Studies and a senior researcher at the Institute of International Relations in Prague, Czech Republic. He is currently on a long-term research stay at La Sapienza University and the Instituto Affari Internazionali in Rome. His recent works are located at the intersection of religious studies, European integration and critical geopolitics. He is the author of dozens of acclaimed scholarly articles and monographs. His most recent book entitled The Catholic Church and the European Union: Political Theology of European Integration won the Book of the Year Award by the REL Section of the International Studies Association (2016).   --- Michal Onderco is Associate Professor of International Relations at Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and a research affiliate at Peace Research Center Prague. His main research interests are focused on international security and foreign policy analysis, with particular focus on domestic politics of foreign policy and nuclear weapons. He believes in interdisciplinary research, and multi-method research, and tries to practice them in his own work.

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