Conflict, Inequality and Ethnicity

The book series focuses on the relationships between inequality, human security and ethnicity emanating from the work of The Centre for Research on Inequality, Human Security and Ethnicity (CRISE). Each book tackles a different aspect of the relationship between conflict, ethnicity and horizontal inequality. Some cover general issues (such as on mobilization, affirmative action, the role and management of natural resources, post conflict policies and people's perceptions); others are rooted in the experience of the regions (separatism in SE Asia, findings from West Africa, Latin American books). The series is unique since it is united by interest in an unusual perspective that of exploring these issues in relation to horizontal inequalities or inequalities among groups. While each book stands alone, they also have unity of approach and share some basic ideas. The publications from the Conflict, Inequality and Ethnicity series will be highly relevant to students, academics and policy makers working on questions of contemporary conflict.

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Titles in this series