Palgrave Studies in Discursive Psychology

Tileagă, C. (Ed), Stokoe, E. (Ed)

Palgrave Studies in Discursive Psychology publishes current research and theory in this established field of study. Discursive Psychology has, for the past 30 years, established an original and often critical understanding of the role of discourse practice for the study of psychological, social, and cultural issues. This book series will provide both introductions to discursive psychology for scholars new to the field, as well as more advanced original research for those who wish to understand discursive psychology in more depth. It is committed to the systematic representation of discursive psychology’s contemporary ethos into all things social – from everyday interactional encounters to institutional settings and the analysis of wider social issues and social problems. Palgrave Studies in Discursive Psychology will therefore publish ground-breaking contemporary contributions on the relevance of discursive psychology for key themes and debates across psychology and the social sciences: including communication, social influence, personal and social memory, emotions, prejudice, ideology, child development, health, gender, applied interventions, institutions. The series editors welcome contributions from ethnomethodology and conversation analysis, as well as contributions more closely aligned to post-structuralism, approaches to analysis combining attention to conversational detail with wider macro structures and cultural-historical contexts. We invite junior and senior scholars to submit proposals for monographs and edited volumes that address the significance of discursive psychology in psychology, communication, sociology, applied linguistics. Please contact the series editors (; or the commissioning editor ( for more information.

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Titles in this series