Critical Studies in Risk and Uncertainty

Brown, P. (Ed), Olofsson, A. (Ed), Zinn, J. O. (Ed)

Palgrave’s Critical Studies in Risk and Uncertainty series publishes monographs, edited volumes and Palgrave Pivots that capture and analyse how societies, organisations, groups and individuals experience and confront uncertain futures. An array of approaches for mitigating vulnerability to undesired futures has emerged within social contexts around the world and across history, with risk being seen as an especially salient technique to have emerged within, while also characterising, processes of modernisation. These approaches have attracted the critical attention of scholars across a wide range of social science and humanities disciplines including sociology, anthropology, geography, history, psychology, economics, linguistics, philosophy and political science.  This series will provide a multidisciplinary home to consolidate this dynamic and growing academic field, bringing together and representing the state of the art on various topics within the broader domain of critical studies of risk and uncertainty. It aims to provide cutting edge theoretical and empirical, as well as established and emerging methodological contributions.  The series welcomes projects on risk, trust, hope, intuition, emotions and faith. Moreover, the series is sensitive to the broader political, structural and socio-cultural conditions in which particular approaches to complexity and uncertainty become legitimated ahead of others. Explorations of the institutionalisation of approaches to uncertainty within regulatory and other governmental regimes is also of interest.   

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Titles in this series