Persian Gulf

Kumaraswamy, P. R. (Ed)

Persian Gulf, the leading product of the Middle East Institute, New Delhi, India systematically looks at the growing relationship between India and the countries of the Persian Gulf region. Due to rising economic interactions and political engagements, the region has assumed greater importance and hence requires a methodical study.   About two-thirds of India’s oil and gas imports are met by the Persian Gulf countries and the Gulf Arab countries are home to over seven million Indian expatriate labour force. The Persian Gulf is also India’s largest sub-regional trading partner and a potential source of trade and investments. There is however knowledge gap regarding the region and its importance to India. Persian Gulf seeks to redress this challenge by offering a systematic understanding of the region, its problems and opportunities for India in the political, economic, social, energy and strategic arenas.   Since the publication of the inaugural volume in 2011, the Persian Gulf Series covers India’s bilateral relations with nine countries, namely, Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Yemen as well as the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). It has also examined the relations of the major players such as the US, Russia, China and Pakistan and their impact upon Indo-Gulf relations. Backed by various primary materials the series seeks to be a platform for informed discussion on this vital region towards its nuanced understanding. It is a closed series.

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