Palgrave Studies in Creativity and Innovation in Organizations

Reiter-Palmon, R. (Ed)

‚ÄčThis book series presents the latest research on creativity and innovation in the workplace, showcasing the unique contribution that psychology can contribute to workplace innovation studies both now and in future. Addressing individual, team and organizational issues of innovation at work, books in this series offers insight from organizational and social psychology to cover topics with key applications to business and management, design, engineering and other applied domains. Encompassing a broad range of types of organization, it investigates the psychology of creativity and innovation in non-profit enterprises, entrepreneurship, small business, and research and development contexts, among many other domains. ¬† The series brings together research in creativity and organizational innovation to investigate a range of key contemporary issues. Topics addressed include the relationship between creativity, innovation and organizational performance; measuring creativity in organizations; applications of creativity and innovation for top management and senior leadership; and the potentially negative consequences of innovation.

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Titles in this series