Social Science

Palgrave Macmillan has a long and proud tradition of publishing in the social sciences. Since the 19th century we have been publishing not only across the core social sciences but also ensuring we are at the cutting edge of new or evolving subject areas such as sustainability, gender and queer studies or social implications of neuroscience and AI.

As part of the Springer Nature family we are now one of the largest publishers of social science research in the world with editors based in London, New York, Melbourne and Shanghai, publishing more than 1000 titles per year.  Palgrave Social Science is known for championing pioneering research in new or under-represented areas and publishing books and book series that come to define their research fields, both in traditional academic publishing models and through OA, and our Social Science Matters campaign is just one of the ways in which we show our commitment and passion for this lively, diverse and vital set of disciplines.

Our subdisciplines


Our anthropology list is highly interdisciplinary and international in its focus. It features cutting edge research by leading academics working at the forefronts of their field.

The list is home to a range of dynamic series looked after by esteemed editors, such as the Contemporary Anthropology of Religion series and the path-breaking new series Palgrave Studies in Literary Anthropology. The list has a long and proud history at Palgrave and has particular strengths in social anthropology, anthropology of religion, urban anthropology, and anthropological studies of social inequality and difference. 


Our rapidly expanding range of criminology books has won several major prizes from prestigious organisations such as the British Society of Criminology.

We work with a line-up of the most respected international authors to bring you fresh perspectives on exciting areas of study, including: Green Criminology, Race and Crime, Critical Criminology, Crime and the Media, Policing, Probation, Victimology, Prisons and Punishment, Global and Transnational Crime, Human Rights, Research Methods and much more.


The Palgrave Macmillan Education team pride themselves on their dedicated service to their authors, editors, and series editors, maintaining quality through rigorous peer review while encouraging a creative and mutually fulfilling publication process. 

Subject areas with a strong presence on the list include higher education, international education, Asia-Pacific studies, foundations of education, queer studies, and history of education. Among our prolific series are International and Development Education, Palgrave Critical University Studies, Queer Studies and Education, and Creativity, Education and the Arts.

Key titles include The Testing and Learning Revolution and Academic Freedom in an Age of Conformity. We seek to continue inspiring both new and established academics to push the boundaries of education research, theory, and practice. Find out more about publishing with us.

​​Gender Studies

Palgrave Macmillan has long been committed to the field of Gender Studies and is proud to have one of the only full-time editors for the discipline. 

Our Gender Studies list incorporates both high quality monographs, edited collections, pivots and reference works. Featuring cutting-edge research from prominent voices in this field such as Sasha Roseneil and Judith Butler, our Gender Studies books continue to reach across the disciplines to find new connections and perspectives from academics in sociology, politics, history, literature and more.

Geography and Environment

Covering all areas of Geography and Environment Studies, from climate change to energy policy and sustainability, the Palgrave Macmillan Geography and Environment programme offers books by leading authors such as David Elliott, Benjamin Sovacool, Catherine Mitchell, Philip Andrews-Speed and Michele Betsill.

Our flagship series Energy, Climate and the Environment publishes some of the most cutting edge research in addition to stand alone research that includes the award-winning and best-selling Palgrave Pivot, Fukushima.

Language and Linguistics

Are you looking for dynamic books at the cutting edge of Language and Linguistics research? 

We work with authors such as David Crystal, Koenraad Kuiper, Ruth Wodak and Judith Baxter to bring you exciting work covering a wide range of areas, including applied linguistics, sociolinguistics, language education and much more. Find out more about publishing with us.

Psychology and Neuroscience

We publish ground-breaking Psychology and Neuroscience scholarship across the field, from established topics such as Developmental Psychology to emerging areas like Cultural Psychology.

With an established reputation for publishing cutting-edge research in Social Psychology, Critical Mental Health and Clinical Psychology, we are committed to promoting innovative research that addresses the most pressing challenges associated with wellbeing and mental health in today’s societies. Find out more about publishing with us.

Science & Technology Studies

Our interdisciplinary STS programme publishes innovative works that push boundaries and drive dialogue across the social sciences and sciences.

We are interested in cutting-edge research on all topics related to science, technology, and society. Some of the exciting research we have recently published focuses on social robotics, human enhancement, big data, scientific communication, public understanding of science, as well as science, technology and gender, among others. The program’s key flagship series include Health, Technology and Society, Palgrave Studies in Sound, as well as Social and Cultural Studies of Robots and AI. Our STS program continues to grow and our editors are always on the lookout for pioneering research at the forefront of this exciting field.

Social Policy

With a backlist that includes works from the pioneer of social policy research, Richard Titmuss, Palgrave Macmillan’s social policy list has an enviable history. The current programme includes series on Work and Welfare in Europe, Palgrave Studies in Public Health Policy Research, and Education Policy. 

We are proud to publish new works by Peter Taylor-Gooby, John Mohan and Brian Lund, and as  our social policy list grows, we continue to nurture connections with international professional associations, practitioners and academics from across the field, and explore innovative ways to reach an ever-diverse and growing audience.

Socio-Legal Studies

Our growing number of Socio-Legal Studies books are written by the best international scholars and rising stars, and are regularly nominated for prizes.

Our cutting-edge books touch on a wide range of subjects including: human rights, criminal justice, gender, family, religion, globalisation, administrative justice, and law and power. They build upon Palgrave’s strengths in the Social Sciences, drawing upon Sociology, Criminology, Psychology, Law, Politics and IR.


As one of Palgrave Macmillan’s most prolific and well-established lists, the Sociology programme boasts prize-winning, field-defining authors and series editors.

Publishing research by scholars at all career levels and on topics as diverse as social movements, leisure studies, and race and migration, Palgrave is the natural home for cutting-edge, provocative and definitive content that strives to interpret and challenge the society we live in. 

Palgrave Handbooks

Palgrave Handbooks are high-quality, original reference works that bring together specially-commissioned chapters, cutting-edge research, and the latest review articles in their fields. Our Handbooks provide an unparalleled overview of a specific field of research, while also setting the agenda for future directions of the discipline.

Our Palgrave Handbooks program is growing rapidly, explore our range of titles below. If you have an idea for a new Handbook in your field, please visit our Submit a proposal page.